Could you be eligible for tax deductions thus increasing your net income?

Question 1

Do you use your vehicle for business purposes?

Question 2

Do you pay for your business travel expenses?

Question 3

Do you work on multiple worksites for periods less than 20 days?

You are probably not eligible for a tax deduction due to car expenses.


However, we recommend you contact an ODOTRACK representative at 514-388-7734 to better examine your situation and learn more about how to increase your tax refund.

You are probable eligible for tax deduction for your car expenses


This means you could:

  • increase your tax refund
  • increase your tax credit for child care expenses (QC)
  • increase your child support payments
  • increase your vehicle expenses tax refund
  • Tax deductions can even help you reduce the repayment of your unemployment benefits.
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