Protect and maximize your business-related travel deductions

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A simple solution is at hand

  • Connect

    Make the most of your business travel

  • Drive

    Keep your eyes on the bottom line

  • Profit

    Save time and increase your earnings

A major business accounting asset

Simplify your tax returns faster than ever before

  • Automated vehicle logbook
  • Management Reports
  • Fiscal Reports

Keep your eyes on the road

With its multi‑platform interface, ODOTRACK is always available on all your devices

  • Trip Management
  • Real-time viewing of you trip
  • Reservation management
  • Vehicle’s maintenance management

with ODOTRACK in their vehicle

Thousands of clients drive with confidence

To date: 37,303,835 trips recorded

Take the wheel


  • Because you have better things to do

    Have you manually logged all your business-related mileage? If so, you know how much time it takes… and time is money.

    ODOTRACK does it all for you!

  • Tax audits are expensive

    Claiming business travel with a non-compliant logbook may result in arbitrary fines, plus thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest and fines.

    Get peace of mind with ODOTRACK!

  • Don’t take any risk

    Do you prefer to claim a percentage of your mileage based on guesstimates rather than keeping a log? Watch where you’re going… you’re taking an even bigger risk.

    You’re protected with ODOTRACK!

Take the road to savings

It's time to shift into second gear

No matter your industry, keeping a travel logbook will maximize and protect your tax deductions in the case of an IRS audit