Integrated modules for optimal management

  • Mileage logbook

  • Report generator

  • Favourites

  • Expense management

  • Maintenance

  • Geolocation


Instantly view all your trips while ODOTRACK creates your logbook automatically

This module manages your logbook by compiling and organizing all the details of your trips. A compliant logbook for the government must include the following details:

  • Date
  • Departure and arrival points
  • Kilometres driven
  • Purpose of trip (comment)
  • The odometer count at the beginning and at the end of the year


However, to simplify your management, ODOTRACK also keeps track of the following:

  • Duration of each trip
  • Type of travel
  • Departure and arrival time


*Simplified logbook available for self employed workers.


Fiscal and management reports available in one click

This module generates fiscal and management reports personalized to your tax profile.  You can create, save, export (Excel) and print your reports to join to your tax declaration.  You can also send them online to software such as DT Max and TaxPrep.  


Available management reports:

  • Mileage logbook
  • Expenses
  • Timesheet
  • Statistic reports

Available fiscal reports:

  • Reasonable allowance
  • Tax benefit
  • Employment expense
  • Business expense
  • IFTA


With this module, you can generate a comment automatically for all your known destinations. 

You can also:

  • Apply the favourite rule to previous trips
  • Know the time spent traveling vs. the time spent visiting the client
  • Identify places


A better control of your expenses for optimized deductions

This module lets you manage your expenses by adding your amount spent and by copying pictures of your receipts. As well as giving a better overall control of your expenses, this module also gives you access to conclusive automatic statistic reports

  • Document travel-related expenses
  • Manage all your vehicle expenses
  • Export your expenses to excel
  • Import and save pictures of your receipts


A preventive maintenance planned and scheduled automatically

With the Maintenance module, reminders for your vehicle's maintenance can be scheduled and sent by email, based on a time cycle or a travel distance. Furthermore, you can configure this module to automatically keep a record of all maintenance performed on vehicles.

  • Custom maintenance plans
  • Email reminder for maintenance due
  • Maintenance history



Real time tracking

The Odotrace module lets you monitor your vehicle’s trips in real time on Google Maps.

For each vehicle:

  • Traceability of last 10 points recorded
  • Quick validation of a nearby favourite
  • Simple, easy use of street view option
  • Address display
  • Trip speed


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