Your business trips. Our priority.

An effective solution since 2008

ODOTRACK was created to protect and maximize the tax benefits of business trips and to simplify individual and business tax returns.

Thousands of clients

37,303,835 trips



An impressive track record

ODOTRACK’s  innovative and practical technology simplifies everyday travel for thousands of users with a choice of over 14 modules. The integrity of our team of 30 dynamic professionals has earned ODOTRACK a position in the international marketplace.

Our values

Respect, trust and innovation

Based on these three fundamental values, ODOTRACK was designed to help individuals and businesses that use their vehicles for work purposes to comply with their tax obligations, while taking advantage of all benefits to which they are entitled. We have developed and maintained a relationship of trust with our customers, who appreciate the reliability of our services and the peace of mind they would enjoy in the event of a tax audit. Companies in various fields can benefit from our constantly evolving technology.

Our Management Team

Martin Turcotte

Alexandre Faucher
Co-founder and ambassador

Sylvie Towner
Executive Manager

Alexandre Boutin
Director of Sales & Business Development


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