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Most frequently asked questions

General questions

Forgot your password?

To reset your password, please go to and click on the «Login» button. On the portal home page, click on «Forgot password?».

Enter the email address you use to login and click «Reset». You will receive an e-mail containing a link to reset your password.


For security measures, it is your responsibility to manage or reset your ODOTRACK account access.

PLEASE NOTE that this link can only be used once. If you have already used it, you will need to restart the reset process.


A quick guide is available in the "Technical Support" section. Click here for a direct access to the guide.

How to make a change of vehicle in my account?

Please go to the «Technical Support» section to get the detailed procedure. Click here for a direct access to the guide.

Should I only use the ODOTRACK accessories?

The accessories supplied with your ODOTRACK device must always be used to ensure its proper functioning and to avoid any damage to it and to your vehicle’s battery. Did you know that more than 25% of devices that need to be replaced because of malfunction or breakage are returned with accessories different from those supplied on the acquisition?

The ODOTRACK application is not launching. What should I do?

If you have trouble launching the ODOTRACK application from Internet Explorer, we suggest the following solutions:

  • try other web browsers, such as: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari;
  • empty your computer’s cache memory or simply restart it.

To empty the cache, copy and paste the following link and follow the procedure.


The Google Map is not displaying! What should I do?

When viewing your trips from the “ODOtrace” and “Trips” modules, it is possible that Google Map will no longer be displayed. This is due to your browser. To fix it, you should clear your browser’s cache. To do so, copy and paste the following link and follow the procedure

How to update the odometer reading in my ODOTRACK account?

To update your vehicle’s odometer reading, simply log in to your ODOTRACK account and select the «Vehicles» module. It is strongly recommended to do when creating your account and at the beginning or at the end of the fiscal year. To know how to proceed, go to the “Technical Support” section to view or download the quick guide. Click here for a direct access to the guide.

Is it possible to add a comment for a trip or an expense even if I do not have access to my computer?

From your smart phone or tablet, go to This is a lighter version of your ODOTRACK account. It allows you to quickly add a comment for any trip made or an expense without having to wait to access your computer.


Do you plan not to use your vehicle for more than a week? Unplug your device.

If you do not plan on using your vehicle for over a week, it is strongly advised to remove your ODOTRACK device from your vehicle to prevent the battery from discharging. For the ODO10, you must first turn it off, then unplug it. For the ODO25, just unplug it.


When you reconnect your device in your vehicle, make sure it is functioning properly by logging into your ODOTRACK account. You can also adjust your odometer reading in the “Vehicle” Module. When updating the odometer, select the “Auto fix” option (see fig.1), then choose “Personal” (see fig.2).


The ODO10 device requires 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged.

For the ODO25, make sure the vehicle is at a complete stop.


If you do not use your vehicle during the holiday period, expect to receive notifications if this option is enabled in your account. Simply ignore them. 

However, if this bothers you, you can turn them off for this period. You must, however, remember to re-enable this option in order to be notified of the proper functioning of your device.


Questions about the ODO10

Can the time displayed on the ODO10 be changed?

No. The time displayed on the device is the international time (Greenwich or universal time) and cannot be changed. There will be a difference depending on your time zone. However, as soon as you data will be transferred from the device to your account, the hours will be automatically adjust according to your time zone.

No trip recorded in my account (ODO10)!

There are several possible reasons. Refer to the “Technical Support” section to view or download the quick guide for the procedure to follow. Click here for a direct access to the guide.